Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The City of La Grande Parks and Recreation invites Eastern students to participating in the annual Arts for All Celebration, a two-day event that invites young people their artistic side through all kinds of art medium! Students volunteers will be needed for the day of the event as well—April 20th and 21st!

The Parks Department is also looking for students interested in helping with the annual community tree planting—April 28th and May 5th. Work with the city’s Tree Care Educator on the planning of this wonderful community activity!

For information on either of these opportunities, please contact the Cornerstones of Learning, corner@eou.edu or call 541-962-3308.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Union County Alternative Education Program

The Union County Alternative Education Program exists for all Union County High Schools as an Alternative educational setting. EOU Student volunteers would be greatly appreciated to supplement the curriculum at a school where resources are scarce, and organizers are willing to think outside the box.

An EOU student could earn his or her Cornerstones of Learning credit by volunteering through creating classes from various disciplines including: literature, language, history, art, music, science or drama. Also, students are encouraged to bring classes to campus or assist high school students with the transition from high school to post-secondary education.

For more information please contact the Cornerstones of Learning at 962-3308 or corner@eou.edu

The Cove Community School has operated with the help from a grant from the Ford Family Foundation and is now becoming a self-sufficient program that provides Cove with continuing education programs for Adults, after-school programs for children, Mano-a-Mano (a seasonal program that provides a mobile dental clinic for migrant cherry pickers in July), community art experience and various services for senior citizens.

The Cove Community School invites EOU students to participate with their school in many ways, be it offering classes such as Spanish language, arts and crafts, dance for adults, facilitate after-school activities, or inviting community members to campus for an Intact Class.

There is also a high demand for students with knowledge of web design, digital photo editing and digital video editing to offer a class either at the University or out in Cove.

Please contact the Cornerstones ofLearning at 962-3308 or corner@eou.edu for more information on how this completes one of your Cornerstones of Learning Credits.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Eastern Oregon Mediation Center

Eastern Oregon Mediation Center seeks a student to assist them in the development of a website.

Eastern Oregon Mediation Center is a non-profit organization that serves Union County. They need assistance in identifying appropriate software and web hosts and the requirements for the website including content, format, layout and resource links; developing, editing and finalizing a website for publication as well as developing a training guide for website maintenance.

This is a remarkable opportunity for a student to receive professional experience as an undergraduate student.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact the Cornerstones of Learning at 962-3308 or corner@eou.edu

Monday, November 20, 2006

Third Street Station Transitional Housing Facility

3rd St. Station is a transitional housing facility for individuals who do
not satisfy rental and screening requirements in a traditional rental
market. We provide a transitional program in order to help individuals
integrate into the community as functioning and contributing members of
society. This program includes, but is not limited to: housing, meal plans,
basic/personal needs’ sustainability, job mentoring, personal presentation
in the form of job/rental applications, support related to court/probation
requirements, financial counseling, and decision-making/accountability

Please Contact the Cornerstones of Learning--corner@eou.edu or 962-3308--if you would like more information about this community.

For employment opportunities,

“Unique community living facility offers monthly room rental and income in
exchange for evening & weekend responsibilities

please call 962-7708”

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Manna Project International (International Cornerstone Opportunity)

Manna Project International is a non-profit organization that connects college students and recent graduates with opportunities to apply their education and interest in service work in developing countries. Our members believe that the elements of progress are already within reach for these communities, and self-sufficiency is only a matter of access to basic resources and ideas. Our project aims to increase the well being of the people we work with through a holistic approach to community development which consists of initiatives in education, sports, health care, art, and community events. In order to employ the individual passions and talents of MPI participants, our group works with a variety of international institutions, NGOs, independent volunteers, missionaries, and local organizations.

Manna Project is currently accepting applications for next year's team. This group will spend the year working in the city and in rural areas near Managua, Nicaragua; they will continue existing projects and develop new programs. Existing projects include medical programs, art classes, literacy classes, English classes, a preschool, a feeding program, girls and boys sports teams, and the construction of a community center.

Additional information is available at our website (www.mannaproject.org), including the MPI handbook which further explains the organization's programs and goals. Application materials are also available online.

Contact Robin Weekley at robin@mannaproject.org with further question regarding recruitment.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

THINK LINK Discovery Center

Supervisor: Shalem ORourke 975-2040 or 963-9225
  1. Volunteer Coordinator - help with volunteers for various programs and committees.
  2. Web Master - fix and update the website
  3. Building Care - 2-3 needed to do weekly maintenance
  4. Organization - someone to clean and organize offices.

Requirements? reliability, trustworthiness, hard-working, on-going committment.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

CREATE a searchable catalog and index of the
World War II archive of an important Oregon photographer

STUDENT QUALIFICATIONS: an upper-division student with good computer skills and an interest in photography, archiving, and/or history. No particular major would be required.

CREDITS: Up to 3 per term; up to three terms.

Project BACKGROUND: Born in Elgin in the 1920's, Fred Hill has been taking pictures
for over sixty years. He attended Eastern, studied with Minor White at the WPA Art Center in La Grande in 1940, then became a World War II photo lab technician. During the war, he took hundreds of one-of-a-kind color slides in the Pacific Theater, as well as hundreds of black and whites. After the war, he studied with Ansel Adams, then became a commercial photographer for 38 years in California. During those years, he continued to take serious art photos. In 1988, he returned to Union County and still operates an independent photography business here. Since returning, he's also collected hundreds of historical photographs by other Union county photographers. He lives in La Grande, is in his 80's and in good health. His memory is sharp.
THE PROBLEM: at this point, only Fred can identify the subject, date, place in his 60+ year collection of photos. However, Fred doesn't have the skills or patience or inclination to type his catalog, annotations, and index in a searchable data base.

PREPARATION: (1)Fred is now using an annotation system to number his World
War II collection; (2) Fred has now put his black and white World War II images in new photo sleeves and organized them chronologically; (3)he has written date and annotation on the sleeves in long hand.

SPECIFIC WORK: The student would first learn the basic history of the Pacific Theater in WW II and Fred's experience and role in that war. (Fred has several books and documents that summarize that experience.) At a mutually convenient time each week, the student would go to Hill's home archive on Sunset with a lap top and enter the information Fred has written on each photo sleeve into a computerized data/labeling system. When all the World War II photos have been entered and organized, the student would then create a searchable database/finding aid, create a typed label from that data base to be added to each sleeve.
George Venn, Professor Emeritus
Department of English
Eastern Oregon University
706 B Avenue, La Grande, OR 97850
FAX: 541-663-0920